• Racket Ball Final

    Racket Ball Final



    On Saturday the final of the Rackeball competition was played between Glen Howe and Mark Nicoll and it went to the wire!


    On the previous night there was a shock upset when Nicoll from 2/0 down came back to beat youngster Steve Porter (still in his 30’s!) to reach the final. Glen played Ian Mann in the semi final and whilst I did not watch,  I am told it was a rather hard hitting game with the ball ping ponging around like a pin ball machine!


    Nicoll arrived 10 minutes late and after a few warm up hits Glen’s racket string broke and his spare was not to his liking. After  much ado with a different racket and suitable new handle Glen went back on court and hit the ball even harder!


    The hard hitting game was counteracted in the first two by Marks racket skills and he run out the winner in both 11/9/, 11/9. In the third Glen hit back 11/3 and the crowd thought Mark needed a rest. However, he decided to continue his rest in the 4th and 5th and it became apparent that it was not a rest he was knackered!!


    So a 3/2 win for Glen who was quick to point out in the presentation that this is the 3rd year on the trot he has won although Nicoll was giving him 9 years. For Mark, his honest appraisal was ‘I could not have done better, was pleased how I played’. Oh if he never had his hard fought 3/2 victory the previous night things might have been different!


    A good end to a tournament with the plate final still planned for this coming Saturday.




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